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Why ‘Hit the Iron Bell’?

At its heart, this blog is about being brave enough to find and follow your purpose in life – and watching what unfolds when you do. The name ‘Hit the Iron Bell’ is taken from Tiny Beautiful Things, an anthology of life advice columns from Wild author Cheryl Strayed. In one column, she’s replying to a man, Johnny, who is afraid to tell a woman he loves her.

“The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of it,” Strayed says. “Be brave. Be authentic…We’re all going to die, Johnny. Hit the iron bell like it’s dinner time.”

I hope this blog inspires more people to do just that.

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I created this blog to inspire others to find their purpose, be brave and take big chances in life. Since I left Sydney and flew to Jerusalem ten years ago, I’ve worked in Palestine, Pakistan, back in Sydney, Nepal and Myanmar. I’m now with the United Nations in New York. I’m a storyteller, a traveller and a mountain climber.

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