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About This Blog

Meeting with a flood-affected community in rural Rakhine State, south-western Myanmar.

‘Hit the Iron Bell’ is a global community of motivated and passionate people who are putting words into action to make the world a better place.

If you’re looking for inspiration to live your most meaningful life, stand up for what you believe in and take big risks that can lead to extraordinary experiences, this blog is for you. It opens a window into the daily lives of aid and development workers – a world most people will never experience first-hand.You’ll get all the gritty details: from where they sleep and shower; to what they eat; the home comforts they miss the most; the impact on their personal lives (including dating); and how they adjust when they return home. You’ll hear stories that are funny, nauseating or downright devastating about life in some of the most dangerous, impoverished or exotic parts of the world. And if you think this life could be for you, there’s also lots of advice and insider tips on how to work for the United Nations or an NGO such as Doctors Without Borders.

I’m speaking from experience; in 2012, I left a job I loved as a political advisor in Australia, a comfortable life and a beachside apartment, to make a career change into humanitarian and development work.

I’ve since lived in Palestine, Pakistan, back in Sydney, Nepal, Myanmar and New York (where I’m now based), and worked for the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders and Australian charity The Fred Hollows Foundation. I’m privileged to have a network of friends and colleagues around world, from Bangladesh to Haiti, from Iraq to Ethiopia, from Jordan to the Solomon Islands. They work every day to create a fairer world for everyone. They’re my tribe and my inspiration. I’m proud to share their stories with you.

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At a rooftop BBQ in Beit Jala, Bethlehem, with people from around the world working for different NGOs in Palestine, and Palestinian friends.

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