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UNICEF: Prosecco

Bubbly but sophisticated. The great packaging consistently attracts new fans. It can be fun and approachable but means serious business. Who wouldn’t want some of this?

World Health Organization (WHO): Cabernet Sauvignon

A sizeable and serious presence with a persistent finish.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Chardonnay

Just like the drink, UNDP is found everywhere. Solid and reliable and you know what to expect.

UN Women: Rosé

Easy for some to dismiss as a bit niche but has a growing base. Thanks to some clever campaigns, it’s rapidly becoming more popular.

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF): Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Neither the wine nor the organisation are conventional. Both can be described as fierce and brooding with intense aromas; and can taste of tobacco and dirt. 

UN Peacekeeping: Water

Because it’s essential and we can’t live without it. Sometimes not as well-recognised as other UN agencies, but – just like water – we all depend on it (in this case, for peace and stability).

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): Sangiovese

Known for being a bit dry and earthy, with strong Italian roots. Can be underrated. A good accompaniment to food.  

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Orange wine

A relatively new arrival on the scene that’s all about natural processes. Not always taken seriously enough. Can be bold and progressive.

International Rescue Committee (IRC): Nebbiolo

A name that may not be recognised by those new to the sector, but it’s bold, distinctive and noble and known for its quality. 

OCHA: Riesling

Just like the wine, it goes with everything – providing the teams that help to coordinate everyone else in humanitarian crises.

Universal Postal Union: House wine 

Many people rely on it, but most don’t know what’s actually in it.